Adele – Creative Director of Latte & Co-Owner

Adele is Michael’s better half and not just the Creative Director of our house brand Latte but the heart of our showroom family.   Prior to joining Premier Fashions, Adele worked as a marketing executive for a blue chip organisation.  After a decade there, she decided to make a move into the fashion business.  Adele’s creativity and natural flair for fashion has brought great commercial success with Latte as we proudly watch it grow.  Adele recently completed her own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ spending a few months in Italy studying business/fashion in the mornings and the language in the afternoons.  You might have even caught a glimpse of her on a certain TV shopping channel…..?!

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? My role at Premier Fashions is now moving more exclusively to working on our Latte collection. I’m still though involved with Premier Fashions as a Director supporting Michael and the whole team particularly with client and supplier marketing strategies.

What’s your favourite meal? Fish – I love all the contemporary recipes; halibut and sea bass particularly.  We have a great local fishmonger with the freshest of Scottish produce.  Of course I like eating out but my favourite is when we have our family or friends together around the table at home and I cook a simple meal for us all.

Where’s your favourite place to travel? Ooh that’s a difficult one.  My perfect day would be breakfast in Positano (for the views); lunch would have to be at Saks 5th Ave, New York (for the shopping) and dinner definitely in London with my son Steven and daughter Victoria (where they both now live).   It’s magic when we all get together as a family.

Ann – Brand Manager

Ann is not only the ‘Face of Frank Lyman’ but she’s also the in-house fashion and style expert.  She is incredibly passionate about the industry and really understands how to style your shape to make the best possible version of you; a skill we all rely on.  Outside of work she is the ultimate Glasgow ‘It Girl’!  There’s not a chic restaurant, happening art show or new theatre performance not on Ann’s radar.  Back home Ann is mummy to two beautiful, charismatic westies called Tommy and Tuppence who provide endless amounts of funny stories.

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? I’m the in-house stylist and brand manager for Frank Lyman; a brand I absolutely adore both presenting to our clients and wearing.  It’s so nice to come to work and enjoy what you do.  The clients are lovely and after many years here we’ve built up great personal relationships and friendships.

What’s your favourite meal? Despite my colleagues thinking I’m the resident glamour girl, my most favourite meal is a good old fashioned plate of mince and potatoes.  I enjoy it most when it’s homemade by me and eaten at my own dining table with my gorgeous husband.  For dessert it’s got to be Tiramisu; it’s a life long favourite.

Where’s your favourite place to travel? I really enjoy city breaks both with my husband and with my girlfriends and sisters.  In Europe it’s Paris closely followed by Milan.  I’ve visited both several times and have built up a little black book of my favourite haunts over the years…  Further afield it’s got to be New York, a city that’s stolen my heart and not just because that’s where I married my husband…

Lorraine – Customer Services Manager

Having previously worked as a sales executive for iconic brands Harley-Davidson and Mercedes Benz, Lorraine joined us in 2018 with a wealth of experience in the Sales and Customer Services sector. She entered into the agency arena latterly but her bubbly personality and enthusiastic work ethic meant she quickly became a valued member of the team. Outside of work, you will find Lorraine pumping iron in the gym or cooking a scrumptious meal at home for her son’s with a large glass of wine (or a pint!)

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? My role involves building and developing new relationships with our customers. I am always on hand to assist all our accounts across the brands to ensure they are completely satisfied with their existing collections, new collections, stock levels, and appointments at our showrooms.  I also look after all aspects of Oui, our luxury German casual wear brand.

What’s your favourite meal? I just love a nice filet steak or else dining at the incomparable Ho Wong in Glasgow!

Where’s your favourite place to travel? It has to be Barbados!  I love the beautiful white sandy beaches, warm turquoise ocean and the lovely people of this island.

Michael – Managing Director & Co-Owner

We are never in doubt when Michael is in the showroom thanks to his unique, (loud) laugh and commanding presence.  Michael oversees the entire organisation and he is extremely pro-active in the day to day running of the showrooms.  He has worked in the fashion industry virtually all of his working life and is proud of the business he and Adele have built together.

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? I’m the boss!

What’s your favourite meal? There’s a wonderful restaurant located on a hilltop near Florence, with the most amazing views and fantastic food. It’s unpretentious and rustic; I always order their fillet steak and a large glass of Montepulciano wine.

Where’s your favourite place to travel? I had a particularly memorable holiday in the Shamwari Game Reserve in the East Cape of South Africa…  In the future,  I would love to take Adele away to the Maldives and enjoy the paradise of a swim-up lodge and turquoise waters.

Ross – Showroom Manager

Ross joined Premier Fashions in 2000 as a school-leaver, initially dealing with transit of stock and deliveries. Ross now oversees the smooth running of the showrooms; a huge logistical task particularly as collections are being presented throughout the fashion calendar.  A keen football spectator, Ross loves nothing more than watching his favourite player in action; Ronaldo.  Known sometimes for getting off the couch, you’ll find Ross weight-training in the local gym with Kasabian on his iPod. He’s also quite partial to an ice-cold beer with a side of nachos…

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? I help everyone as much as I can to keep the business running as efficiently as possible. I manage, co-ordinate and control logistics on a daily basis.

What’s your favourite meal? That’s easy – roast beef!  I’m also a fillet steak and chips guy.  I can cook roast beef pretty well myself but for steak I need a chef!  And a good helping of apple pie with either ice-cream or custard to finish would be just perfect.

Where’s your favourite place to travel?  Tenerife.  I’ve had some of the best holidays there with my friends.  I’m a sun-lover and the climate is great when I go there at Christmas time.  I’ve also always wanted to go to the US; it’s definitely on my wish-list so hopefully I’ll get there sometime soon.


Laura – Digital Marketing Specialist and Customer Services Administrator

Laura joined Premier Fashions at the start of 2018 as an Intern working part-time alongside completing her honours year in University. Once she had graduated with a degree in International Fashion Branding, she was promoted to a full time role as our Digital Marketing Specialist and Customer Services Administrator. At the weekends (if she’s not on holiday) you will find Laura off on adventures up North with her boyfriend and his dog or having drinks and trying out the newest restaurants in town with the girls!

What’s your role at Premier Fashions? My role is wide and varied involving everything from processing customer orders and returns to creating content for social media and email marketing campaigns in order to drive engagement across our brands. Overall I am involved in merchandising, marketing and promotion whilst also being a point of contact for any customer enquiries.

What’s your favourite meal? I’m a total foodie so I’m always eating out and trying new dishes. Asian food is an all time favourite but I am most likely happy with whatever worldly cuisine is put in front of me!

Where’s your favourite place to travel? I love to travel and it’s so hard to pick a favourite place! However, I will say travelling around Cuba for the best part of a month was the winner for me. It’s such a beautiful country with the most vibrant culture and people.