As a team we can offer our unique, collective experience to help our independent retailers further enhance their business models to ensure they capitalise on all sales and marketing opportunities to deliver their strongest bottom lines.

Starting Up…

We have supported many businesses when starting out as fashion retailers.  From assessing the target market, maximising the profitability of their linear floor space and laying out buying plans to best managing marketing and social media, our team can advise you to give you the best possible start with your new venture.

The next steps…

You may have a strong and established business but in the current market you recognise the need to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the competition.  We can advise on the following areas to help you take your business to the next level:

  • Marketing strategy – how best combine editorial coverage with advertising and social media on both a local and a national level.
  • Shop Design – we work with you to look at your linear footage (i.e. the space from which you can sell product) to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to sell as well whilst giving your customers a beautiful environment to enjoy shopping in.
  • Buying Strategy – we can work with you to help you build your buying plans to ensure you are buying the right product in the right sizes and managing your budgets for promotion, mark down and therefore push your net achieved margin to its highest.

New brand, new market…

Our Managing Director, Michael Black has many years of experience bringing new brands into new markets and maximising their sales potential.

If you would like to enter the UK for the first time or re-launch with a new proposition, please contact him directly on to arrange a meeting.